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Supporting Sustainable Success

We started Bigfoot in 2017 to push back against what we viewed to be an overly pervasive and often reckless format for building and capitalizing software businesses, that of growth at all costs and the associated hyperfunding to pursue it.

We wanted founders to have a different capital option that enabled them to pursue growth but do so in a healthier format. We’ve always been about taking the long view to success and helping operators maintain optionality along their journey.

We’re in your boat, not on your cap table. And we align best with operators who are:

Our Approach

Bigfoot Capital offers committed loan facilities for established B2B software businesses to fund growth.


Industry: B2B Software, Tech-Enabled Services (North America)

Revenue: Scale > $2M | Growth > 25%

Capitalization: Bootstrapped through Series B


Structure: Multi-Draw Term Loan Facility (access over up to 18 months)

Economics: Interest rate + fee, no warrants

Repayment: Up to 48 months with up to 24 months interest only


Equity Preservation: No warrants ever

Optionality: Not forced to take capital, not overlevered

Scalability: Common for us to 2-3x the size of our facilities over time.

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Our Portfolio

Partnering with outcome-driven operators to help them grow now and retain equity over the long-term

Our Team

Meet the (not so elusive) Bigfeet

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Our Team

Meet the (not so elusive) Bigfeet

Brian Parks
Co-Founder & CEO

Previously: Founding CEO of Brandfolder, employee #1 at an online travel business, investment banking

Soccer club supported: Crystal Palace Football Club

Not Great at: Remembering things.

Brian Parks

Co-Founder & CEO
Pete Freeman
Co-Founder & Chief Credit Officer

Previously: Credit roles at non-bank lenders, entrepreneurial development, NGOs

Soccer club supported: US Men’s National Team

Not great at: Parallel parking

Pete Freeman

Co-Founder &
Chief Credit Officer
Kacee Larson
Operations Manager

Previously: Operations management, alternative finance, office management

Soccer club supported: Go sportsball!

Not great at: Riding scooters

Kacee Larson

Operations Manager

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