April 9, 2020

Announcing Our Participation in ProfitWell’s Subscription Stimulus Package

ProfitWell’s Subscription Stimulus Package

By Brian Parks, Founder & CEO

If you’re a SaaS operator, you best know Profitwell. I’ve been a fanboy for years. 

They’ve got a top-notch SaaS metrics product (for free!) and are masters in their space.

They also come up with some pretty cool ideas…

Their latest is the Subscription Stimulus Package launching today, and I’m excited to announce Bigfoot’s role as a launch partner.

Here’s the deal about ProfitWell’s Subscription Stimulus Package:

If you operate a subscription business (SaaS or DTC), you can join the Stimulus and receive up to 10% of your MRR toward a slew of valuable SaaS products. So, if you’re doing $250k in MRR, that’s $25k in free product! You choose the products you want and how you want to allocate your 10%.

Our ProfitWell’s Subscription Stimulus Package offer is up to 2% of MRR as a discount the first month’s payment on financing we provide of at least $250k.

To get started, go to stimulus.profitwell.com. You’ll get connected to someone at ProfitWell (they have a great team), and if you want to apply some of your discount to growth financing, they’ll send you my way so we can hop on a call to get it going.

We’re all doing our best to work through the current environment. We’ll be more effective in coming out the other end in a position of strength by supporting each other.

That’s what this is all about.