September 22, 2021

Bigfoot Capital Announces Summer 2021 Investment Activity

Denver-based Bigfoot Capital continues to provide B2B SaaS Companies with non-dilutive growth capital and is happy to announce its newest portfolio additions from this summer

Denver, CO, September 22, 2021— Bigfoot Capital, a leading provider of non-dilutive, growth lending facilities for B2B software businesses, has announced the addition of seven new companies to their portfolio, totaling $13M in new loan facility commitments.

Canvs – New York, NY – is a customer insight platform that understands how consumers feel, why they feel that way, and the business impact those feelings and behaviors create for brands.

Enspire – Austin, TX – integrates everything employees need into one app and reconnects your employee experience with your brand. Enspire provides a code-free platform, team of Digital Strategy experts and its Enspire Analytics Engine for Engagement Intelligence proven to advance employee engagement and productivity.

FileOnQ – Seattle, WA – provides a user-customizable solution to simplify the processing, tracking, and managing of electronic items and documentation.

Satisfi Labs – New York, NY – is an AI-powered Knowledge Management Platform that enables search for physical locations through conversational AI, allowing places to directly answer customer questions on-demand.

System Surveyor – Austin, TX – is an intelligent system design software that enables a new level of customer engagement to co-design and visualize system design and streamline installation and maintenance.

Tettra – Somerville, MA – is an internal knowledge base that helps teams answer repetitive questions in Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Zartico – Salt Lake City, UT – harnesses and streamlines complex data to provide a full spectrum of data science, benchmarking and analytical services for use in marketing, community development and sustainability efforts.

Founders, especially in the B2B software industry, have increasingly gravitated toward alternate growth capital offerings that allow them to stay growth-oriented while not selling the farm along the way.

Bigfoot helps companies fund growth with scalable, non-dilutive loan facilities while also playing a supporting role over the life of their relationship, generally 2-3 years. “We’ve never taken a warrant in our four years of lending to SaaS companies. It’s just not what we do and runs counter to our reason for being,” says Bigfoot Capital Founder, Brian Parks. “We’re in the boat rowing with you, not on your cap table diluting you”.

“I always tell people that we’re a relationships first company,” adds Parks. “Yes, we have our parameters on what types of companies we will invest in, but we believe there is more to it than just ARR and growth rates. For us, it has to be about more than just moving money from here to there. Our team just can’t get excited about that.

We partner with Founders we believe in to support growth plans we align with. It really is all about knowing and trusting in the people we work with and letting them do their thing with some support along the way. We’re excited to welcome these new companies into the Bigfoot ecosystem and look forward to helping them continue to grow and succeed however we can.”

About Bigfoot Capital

Bigfoot Capital provides growth debt facilities up to $5M to B2B software companies with $1.5M-$15M in revenue. They operate across the U.S., partnering with bootstrapped and venture-backed B2B software companies who understand the value of their equity and the benefits of holding onto it.

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