April 15, 2021

Bigfoot Capital Closes $30M Financing to Fund Growing SaaS Lending Portfolio

Denver-based Bigfoot Capital continues its commitment to help SaaS Founders and their stakeholders fund growth and preserve equity with scalable, non-dilutive lending facilities

Denver, CO, April 13, 2021— Bigfoot Capital, a leading provider of non-dilutive, growth lending facilities for B2B software businesses, announced today that it has closed on $30M of additional lending capital. Founded in 2017, Bigfoot Capital has funded 22 B2B software companies across the U.S. with $18M of committed loan facilities. With this new capital, Bigfoot is picking up its pace with plans to fund ~25 companies over the next 18 months.

The recent financing was structured with a senior secured facility provided by new capital partner Keystone National Group with additional junior capital contributed by 20 individual investors with experience as software operators and investors.

“Keystone is proud to partner with the Bigfoot Capital team as they enter their next phase of growth. We have been impressed from day one with the team’s data-driven approach to underwriting and look forward to supporting them as they continue to scale their platform,” stated Dallin Rosdahl, Vice President, Keystone National Group. “Bigfoot’s partnership approach to supporting its portfolio is very similar to that of Keystone’s, and we are excited to work with like-minded founder / operator-focused professionals.”

Founders across the B2B software ecosystem have shown surging interest for alternative growth capital solutions. Bigfoot’s mantra of sitting “in the boat, not on the cap table” aligns with their mission to provide capital and partnership that helps Founders achieve their growth objectives while preserving equity, maintaining control, increasing optionality, and ultimately achieving outcomes that bring success to all parties on the journey. 

Bigfoot Capital provides growth debt facilities up to $5M for companies with $1.5M-$15M in revenue. They operate across the U.S., partnering with bootstrapped and venture-backed B2B software companies. To date, the companies that Bigfoot Capital has partnered with have unlocked over $150M in value from M&A events and equity financings without taking dilution to get there. 

“Four years into this, we feel we’re still in the early days of the demand cycle for alternative capital as more and more Founders look not only to grow but also to retain the value they’re creating. The best way to do this is to value your equity and sell it strategically rather than haphazardly. We’re continuing to build our offerings and platform for the long-term with an ongoing commitment to showing up every day to support Founders and their equity partners in achieving this critical concept of equity preservation without compromising on growth,” said Brian Parks, CEO and Founder, Bigfoot Capital. 

Founder Experiences 

Rather than providing capital in a purely transactional, volume-driven format, Bigfoot’s approach is to selectively construct a more concentrated portfolio and to deliver ongoing attention and support akin to that of an equity investor.

“Bigfoot helped me avoid the rat race of raising venture capital early while being able to seriously scale our company without having raised a Series A. That’s been amazing. Beyond that, the Bigfoot team took the time to understand our business and I can definitely say we’ve built a really strong connection with them over the past few years,” said Clint Reid, CEO at Zonos.

“Bigfoot has the background to provide value while bringing empathy around what you’re going through as a Founder. This was huge in giving me comfort in our relationship. I wasn’t dealing with a salesperson who’s never sat in my shoes. I knew I had added a strategic resource, not just done a transaction. When I ultimately did a transaction, selling our company, we achieved a 60% step up on our valuation and we retained all of it,” said Mike Kovarik, CEO of Attribytes.

About Bigfoot Capital

Bigfoot Capital provides growth debt facilities up to $5M to B2B software companies with $1.5M-$15M in revenue. They operate across the U.S., partnering with bootstrapped and venture-backed B2B software companies who understand the value of their equity and the benefits of holding onto it.

To learn about the best fit for your business and growth plan, Bigfoot Capital is here to help.