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5 Questions for DNSFilter CEO Ken Carnesi
SaaS Safety: 5 Questions for DNSFilter CEO Ken Carnesi

The internet can be a risky place. From the ongoing risk of active threats, to handling bandwidth needs, to filtering out the content that employees can access on the corporate network, there’s a lot more that goes into digital security than most users ever see. Enter DNSFilter, a SaaS-based DNS content filter service in Washington, DC and Bigfoot portfolio company that’s committed to providing customers with flexible, digital security services at an affordable price.

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The Five 'C’s': What to Consider When Working With Contractors
The Five ‘C’s’: What to Consider When Working With Contractors

Working with contractors can be of great value, regardless of the stage of your business. In effect, you’re utilizing a minimal viable labor force that enables you to attack a lot of different projects with specialized, scalable resources. This is particularly beneficial at the early stage.

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7 Lessons for SaaS Startups
7 Lessons for SaaS Startups from Salesforce.com

When Marc Benioff launched Salesforce out of a one-bedroom apartment in 1999, he had big dreams that would lay the foundation for a new, innovative software model and industry, one that over the last 20 years has, in the words of Marc Andreessen, “eaten” the traditional model for delivering and selling software.

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Selling SaaS: Are You the First Solution or Displacing an Incumbent?

When approaching a new potential customer, every SaaS founder faces the same question -- is their prospect operating in the land of spreadsheets or do they have an existing platform that is partially addressing their business problems? The answer to that question will determine how you approach them and what type of solution you bring to the table.

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5 Questions for Simple Booth CEO Mark Hennings
The Selfie Station Grows Up: 5 Questions for Simple Booth CEO Mark Hennings

Simple Booth is reimagining the photo booth, and they’re doing so via technology. Simple Booth enables people to take and share photos quickly and easily via its cloud platform. It’s also a hardware company, having designed and built HALO®, the first complete photo booth solution for top brands, agencies and businesses. HALO integrates robust hardware, an intuitive iPad app and a sophisticated online platform to deliver a seamless and modern photo booth solution. Simple Booth has also been a Bigfoot portfolio company for some time now, so we recently sat down with Mark Hennings, the company’s co-founder and CEO, to get his take on the business and what it’s been like working with us at Bigfoot Capital.

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