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Our Takeaways from Mike Cannon
Our Takeaways from Mike Cannon-Brookes’ SaaStr Annual 2018 Talk, Tales of a Modern CEO

Over the past 15 years, Mike Cannon-Brookes has grown Atlassian from the maker of Jira into a $12 billion, publicly traded, multi-product global powerhouse.Michael Pryor, CEO of Trello, which Atlassian acquired 15 months ago, interviewed Mike at SaaStr Annual 108. This post outlines our primary takeaways & things we enjoyed from Mike’s talk. 3 things Mike does…

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Our 5 Takeaways on David Kellog’s 10 Non-Obvious Things About Scaling SaaS

This was my favorite talk of the conference. 30 minutes of trying to stay in the game with furious note-taking. The sheer volume of content that David covered was astonishing. This man knows his #SaaS. Read his blog. Our 5 Takeaways: 1. You can’t analyze churn by analyzing churn (see image above) Analyzing churners just…

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To Be Funded or Not To Be Funded, SaaStr Annual 2018

Our biggest takeaways from “To Be Funded or Not To Be Funded” at SaaStr Annual 2018. Speakers Amy Pressman — Co-Founder & President / MedalliaTeddy Schleifer — Sr Reporter / Recode Description One company, two sides of the funding debate. Medallia, #7 on Forbes’ 2017 top 100 private SaaS companies, bootstrapped for 10 years, then…

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7 Takeaways: The Playbook for Winning in a Vertical Market, SaaStr Annual 2018

Our 7 biggest takeaways from “The Playbook for Winning in a Vertical Market” at SaaStr Annual 2018. Speakers Ara Mahdessian: CEO / ServiceTitan & Will Griffith: Founding Partner / ICONIQ Capital (ServiceTitan Lead Investor) Session Description Software for vertical markets — whether in construction, insurance, auto, transportation, healthcare, restaurants, or elsewhere — is the next…

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Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Every Startup Leader Should Think About, SaaStr Annual 2018

What Aubrey talked about: D&I = Diversity and inclusion Individual people cannot be diverse, only teams can be diverse Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being glad you’re actually there. Homogenating is the outcome of having low standards and laziness 2 Things Aubrey Believes: There is a pipeline problem when it comes to…

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6 Takeaways from Des Traynor of Intercom, SaaStr Annual 2018

Des Traynor is dialed in. He’s well practiced. Rapid fire. Witty. No bullshit. Here’s what he talked about: 1. Decisions. They’re the currency of startups. You better get great at and have a process for making them. 2. Alignment. You can be doing awesome work, but if it’s not aligned with the company, you’re harming the…

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Silicon Slopes Tech Summit Quick Hits

If you’ve been following this series of posts, you’ll know I’ve been profiling speakers sessions I was able to attend at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2018. This last post in the series 😳 is a smattering of notes from sessions I was only able to attend partially. Equal Representation. Now. That’s the tagline of Parity.org,…

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Holy M*tt: From Carrying a Bag of Rocks to Billions at Bain Capital, Mitt Bares…

Racy headlines aside, I really enjoyed Mitt’s session at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2018. He spins a pretty good yarn. We’re covering: inspiration, motivation, focus, brand and product/market. Mitt was in a talkative mood, so buckle in, this ain’t a short one. Primer: Mitt “I know what Moore’s law is” Romney is an American politician…

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